Search. Sell. Buy. Trade. Hire.

Search. Sell. Buy. Trade. Hire.

Search. Sell. Buy. Trade. Hire.

A flooring marketplace at your fingertips.

Connecting you directly with other local flooring contractors that are buying or selling flooring materials, and even hiring people on job sites to save time and money!

In the Marketplace

Search for materials

on the fly, without leaving your job site.

Floor Swap will let you search local areas, near your job, for other contractors that may have left over materials, potentially saving you money on materials and lost time; keeping your crew on the job site without rescheduling.

Sell Unused Inventory

from old jobs that you can't use!

Soon you can get rid of all of that old material laying around your shop that you are using, but is still worth saving. you can sell it to local contractors who need it and that will put money back in your pocket! A simple photo, price, and title...and flooring contractors will be connecting with you!

Browse Local Listings

connect with local buyers and sellers.

Whether you need work, product, or if you want to sell product, you can look locally for all of the flooring resources you will need to get your project done that day! We will save your searches and alert the network about your you back time and money!

Pricing Plans

Pay once or as you go, for yourself or a team.

We have pricing plan options for everyone, no matter what size your flooring company is.

Individual plan

You are independent contractor who is on the move and has lots to do! We can keep help take your business to the next level!

$9.99 a month